Guringai Festival 2017 - Connection

Founded in 2001, the Guringai Festival aims to raise awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in the Northern Sydney region. The festival usually starts on Sorry Day, 26 May and goes through the end of NAIDOC Week, the second week in July each year. The festival involves Councils and numerous reconciliation and community groups. Events include workshops, art exhibitions, performances, films and talks.

“Connection” is this year’s festival theme, inviting people of all ages to connect and participate in events across the region. We are promoting intergenerational conversations, activities and perspectives and when viewed by different people of different age groups, gender and races we have the ability to connect and shape our future, being inclusive of all.

“Connection” invites youth in the region to contribute to our story of place so we can be better informed about what is needed now and for the next generations. As adults we need to listen and grow up our young ones strong!