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Centre Management Office/Customer Service

For general enquiries, centre directions, lost and found, wheel chair hire or any other queries, you may have, visit our friendly customer service staff at the Information Desk located opposite Soul Origin near the Food Court.

By Telephone

You can call our customer service team on 02 9913 4444 during trading hours or contact Security after hours on 0405 127 504.

By Email

You can email us on [email protected]
Warriewood Square
**Jacksons Rd, Warriewood
NSW 2102

Office Hours are

Visit the Information Desk on the following trading hours:

On public holidays, you can visit the Information Desk between 10am - 4pm.

Monday - Wednesday

9am - 5.30pm


9am - 9pm


9am - 5.30pm


9am - 4pm


10am - 4pm