Soul Origin's New Soul Crusher Range

05 Mar 2020

Introducing your new favourite premium iced-beverages! Soul Origin's Soul Crushers are the answer to your mid-morning thirst, lunchtime refresh or afternoon pick me up. With three irresistible flavours, there’s a Crusher for everyone. Whether you’re a coffee fanatic, sweet tooth or berry lover, we know you’ll be slurping for more. So, who’s your Crush?

Iced Strawberry Frappé:
For the berry lovers. Get down and slurpy with the Iced Strawberry Frappé. Made with all the good stuff, they can’t guarantee that no strawberries were harmed in the making, but they can guarantee that this Soul Crusher will satisfy all your fruity-fresh cravings.

Iced Caramel Frappé:
For the sweet tooths. Whip it good! This decadent delight is for the Frappé faithful who like it sweet and caramel-y. Perfect for early mornings or afternoon delights, this Soul Crusher will have you licking the cup clean, no brain freezes included.

Iced Vanilla Espresso Frappé:
For the coffee fanatics. Looking for the perfect 3pm (or any ‘pm’) pick up? Their new Iced Vanilla Espresso Frappé is your refreshing coffee hit. Made with a shot of our premium House Blend Espresso, it’s pure icy, creamy goodness that will help you crush your day.