Your Ultimate Activity Guide To The School HoliYaYs

News| 9th April 2023
Your Ultimate Activity Guide To The School HoliYaYs
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We know entertaining the kids on school holidays can be tricky, tiring and time consuming. That’s why we’ve dug deep to collate and create the ultimate activity guide – so you and the kids can breeze through the break.

Get ready to beat the boredom this school holiday season with our budget friendly activity list! We’ve got you covered with our list of 25 cheap thrills - from creative to educational activities, these family-friendly fun ideas are sure to be a hit amongst kids (and parents too!). Best of all, these activities are designed to be minimum fuss, preparation AND mess.


Activity List

1.     Make bubble magic. Head to Kmart.

2.     Decorate cookies/cupcakes. Gather ingredients from Coles.

3.     Rainy day? Have a movie marathon. Book tickets at a Cinema.

4.     Bedroom makeover. Head to Swish Furniture and homeware.

5.     Create a LEGO or DUPLO landscape. Visit Kmart.

6.     Film a fashion runway. Get out the costume box or head to Cotton On.

7.     Takeover the driveway with chalk art. Head to Smiggles.

8.     Make a floating flower pond with supplies from Kmart.

9.     Play pretend. Get out the costume box or head to Kmart.

10.  Learn a family recipe, Buy the ingredients from Woolies.

11.  Read a new book from the local library.

12.  Face-painting fun, Get all you need from Sparks Variety Store.

13.  Piece together a jigsaw. Pick one up from Fab Gift and Cards.

14.  Make sock puppets. Get the supplies from Kmart.

15.  Go for a picnic. Gather the ingredients from Aldi.

16.  Design your own t-shirt. Head to Sparks Variety Store.

17.  Have a tea party. Buy everything you need from What’s Cooking.

18.  Paint a canvas. Grab the materials from Kmart.

19.  Have a pamper day at Tips 2 Toes or visit Pharmacy4less for a DIY spa day at home.

20.  Race paper planes with paper from Kmart.

21.  Get into the garden. Buy everything you need from Kmart.

22.  Make some DIY crafts with supplies from Sparks Variety Store.

23.  Decorate a cake. Gather ingredients from Bakers Delight.

24.  Do a science experiment with materials from Kmart.

25.  Build a castle. Head to Kmart.

Visit Warriewood Square for everything you need to beat the boredom this school holidays.

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