Christmas Trade Hours

23 Oct 2019

We have extended trade hours over the Christmas period so you can get all your shopping done in the one place!!

Kmart, Woolworths, Coles, Aldi and some speciality stores will have extended hours.  Please refer directly to retailer for specific hours.

Saturday 14 9AM-5PM
Sunday 15 10AM-5PM
Monday 16 8AM-6PM
Tuesday 17 8AM-6PM
Wednesday 18 8AM-6PM
Thursday 19 8AM-9PM
Friday 20 8AM-6PM
Saturday 21 8AM-5PM
Sunday 22 8AM-5PM
Monday 23 8AM-6PM
Tuesday 24 8AM-6PM
Wednesday 25 XMAS - CLOSED
Thursday 26 Public Hol: 10AM-4PM
Friday 27 9AM-5.30PM
Saturday 28 9AM-4PM
Sunday 29 10AM-4PM
Monday 30 9AM-5.30PM
Tuesday 31 9AM-5.30PM
Wednesday 1-Jan 10AM-4PM