Salty or sweet?

09 Sep 2020

What’s your weakness? And doesn’t indulgence of it bring that little moment of joy! We’ve done the all important job of finding the ultimate food indulgences that are lined up for you at Warriewood Square. Oh, no matter your game (salty or sweet), we’ve got you covered!

Fish & Chips or Kebab?​

Who can resist good ole fish & chips? Why not treat yourself to the freshest seafood on the Northern Beaches at Marlin Seafood.  Or why not try an authentic hand-made Shawarmas and chips from Ali Baba.


Life is short, make it sweet.​

They say you are what you eat, so make it sweet. Donuts for the win. With a 100% fat free centre you might as  well reach for a box of Donut King’s glazed yumminess. 

Why have one, when you can have a whole stack of pancakes from Three Beans Cafe or Cafe Piccolo. Ice cream, you scream we all scream for ice cream from Donut King and Cafe Piccolo.


The health kicker?​

From a freshly squeezed juice from Boost Juice or Breadwinners to a nutritious salad from Soul Origin, Three Beans or Cafe Piccolo, try one today!