Have You Heard? Specsavers Audiology Now Open

20 Feb 2018

Specsavers Warriewood has launched a new audiology service to customers, revolutionising the industry for the community by offering hearing aids and care at clear, low prices.

It is among the first Specsavers stores in Sydney to launch Audiology to customers. This news is revolutionising the audiology industry for local customers, offering hearing aids and care at prices never seen before. 

Hearing Checklist:

If you experience any of the following tell-tale signs, you may benefit from expert advice from a free 15-minute hearing check at Specsavers Warriewood:

  1. Do you have the TV or radio turned up louder?
  2. Do you find telephone conversations hard work?
  3. Do you ask people to repeat things?
  4. Do you have difficulty following conversations in groups of people?
  5. Has someone suggested you might not be hearing as well as you used to?

Come into Specsavers for your free hearing check today.