The Athlete's Foot Shoe Lace Workshop

Young children are far more likely to know how to use a smartphone than to tie their shoe laces.

An international poll involving 6,017 parents, found two-thirds of Australian kids aged three to five years knew how to navigate a smartphone or iPad, 28% could operate a web browser, 70% could play a basic computer game, 58% could ride a bike, but only 8% could tie their shoe laces.

School can be daunting for first timers! It’s a very different world with new challenges and experiences for every child. Teaching children to tie their own shoe laces is an important step in sending them off to school. Creating independence and fine motor skills by learning this important life skill. The Athlete's Foot aim to help children feel that little bit more comfortable in their new school environment, making the transition to school that little bit easier.

The Athlete's Foot is running a free workshop at Warriewood Square to teach your little ones how to tie their shoe laces.

When: Thursday 26, 10am - 5pm
Where: Coles Court

Book now! (02) 9970 8964